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Single Speed Freewheels

White Industries Freewheel


White Industries Freewheel

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Charlie says... these are simply the best. Rebuild-able, reliable and they feel and sound awesome.

Freewheels have notoriously been considered the Achilles' heel to the drive train system.  Traditionally, the freewheel has been considered a disposable component that should be replaced on a regular basis.  We approached the component differently.  We set out to create and manufacture a freewheel that would be durable, reliable, and easily maintained.  We succeeded in our endeavors and the ENO freewheel is now regarded as an industry leader.  The freewheel utilizes a sealed cartridge bearing instead of a loose ball system.  The advantage of the cartridge bearing is that it is sealed from the elements such as mud, grit, and water.  The other benefit is that the bearing is nicely contained in one simple unit and easily pulled and replaced when worn.  The ENO freewheel features a machined inner driver and machined outer gear case resulting in a freewheel that runs concentrically without the tight loose spots common to other freewheels.  36t engagement system and a case hardened, electroless nickel plated outer gear case make this freewheel a perfect addition to your single speed.  Made in the USA
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Paul G - New Forest

I have run one of these for 6 years on my singlespeed. Finally after 6 winters I have had to rebuild it with a new bearing - it took half an hour only. Next time I won't even bother taking it off the wheel to rebuild it! The incredible thing is that the freewheel ratchet was completely unworn.

Liam - Wales

Had one of these for 6 years or more, never serviced and used hard daily in all weather. I lived in the salty sea air in falmouth, in the near perpetual rain of the mountains in Wales and now its coping with the grime of city living in Derby so couldn't be happier with it. Get one you won't regret it.

chris - leeds uk

Debated getting one of these for the ss commuter for a while. Finally treated myself and im hugely impressed. Ticks away like a charm and is incredibly smooth but responsive. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? YES!

also superb customer service from charlie. Thanks

ash - sheffield

these set the standard for singlespeed freewheels.

why spend 30 notes on a shimanjo, replace it 3 times and still have a inferior freewheel?

:) safe

Adrian - Devon

Excellent piece of kit, looks and feels great, spins easily and sounds like a swarm of bees when descending. Not cheap but well worth spending the extra, far better quality than any others I've tried.