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Voile Nano Straps

Narrow version of the classic strap

Voile Strap Keeper 4 Pack

Keep your straps neat.

Voile Strap Keeper XL 4 Pack

Keep your XL straps neat.

Voile Straps

One strap, a million uses

Voile Straps - Nylon Buckle

Classic Voile strap but with a nylon buckle

Voile Straps - XL Series

Beefier version of the Voile strap

Voile Straps XL Series  13" Tube Strap

Gear that works, so that you can play.

Snow sports innovators Voile conceived these straps over thirty years ago as a way to bind skis together. They've since been adopted by all kinds of people as a fantastic way to secure, bundle and repair almost anything on the go.

Made in Utah, USA.

Oh, and it's pronounced 'vo-lay'