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Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50 - 2019

Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50 - 2019
Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50 - 2019
Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50 - 2019
Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50 - 2019
Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50 - 2019

Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50 - 2019

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Welcome to the (award Winning - see below) 2019 Surly Dorset Gravel Dash 50:50.... Just like the 100 mile one-day'er, but split into 2 with an overnight camp.
  • Saturday 25th May 2018 to Sunday 26th May 2019
  • 0900hr start
  • Start location: Red Lion, High Street, Swanage, Dorset, Uk.
  • Evening meal in the woods... a vast BBQ of local real food, with a great veggie option.
  • PLEASE DO ONE ENTRY PER PERSON: So add to basket and check out. If you want to enter more people, simply check out again. So that is one checkout per entry, if you please. And please include your phone number. 
Thanks to Jo Burt for the pictures.

What you need to know...
  • 2 days, an overnight bivi / camp
  • 60 miles + 40 miles ish
  • CAMPING.... the overnight camp is included in the price. The campsite is minimal. It's near Shillingstone, and that village has a pub. However we will make sure we have enough kit for a bit of a party round the campfire. There is a picture of the campsite on this page. You get a lovely bluebell wood, next to a pond and the river. You will find a tap, firewood, a long drop toilet and not a lot else.
  • FOOD: Wild Isle Kitchen will be cooking for us. Joel our local forager and chef will be dropped on in the field days earlier. Last year we cooked two deer, one underground wrapped in nettles and wild garlic, the goat was awesome too. three variations of stew. Breakfast is included, but bring your own bowl, mug and fork/spoon.
  • Kit: carry all your own kit.
  • Sorry no beer taxi this year, but...
  • Pub In A Field: we will have a pub set up in the field for you, bring cash.
  • MUSIC TAXI: if you want your guitar for the campfire, give it to me at the start.
  • The finish is back at the start in Swanage, where our event crashes into the local Pirate Festival. Lots of music, yard of grog racing, plank walking etc.

  • 100 miles in 2 days - A one stage, 2 days, largely off-road 60+40 mile dash across the county and back.
  • You will need camping / bivi gear, and food.
  • Mixed and very varied terrain
  • Use any bike you want.
  • Includes free swag, probably a t-shirt.
  • Starts Saturday 25th May.
  • Ends 100 miles later at same location, on the Sunday, leaving you bank holiday Monday to get home.
  • Routes supplied via GPX file around one month before the event. Plug it into your GPS, or mark up your OS map.
  • There will be minimal markers on the route. but you will need to navigate it yourself
  • Terrain is mixed: dirt, mud, gravel, some road sections (sorry), chalk, tech, grass.... and maybe  a puddle or two.
  • Bike: a cross bike or MTB is ideal
  • Gears: yeah sure, whatever you want to use.
  • Climbing: lots, all front loaded to the first half, so that is your first day
  • We will have a broom wagon to sweep up the unlucky and bring them back to the pub.
  • This is not a race, it’s a reliability trial.
  • You must wear a helmet and have front and rear lights. Some of you won’t finish in the daylight; we also get some thick coastal fog around here. Also read the T&Cs way down below.
  • There will be a pre event briefing which everyone must attend. This is likely to be at 8.30am on the day of the event. 
  • Expect no marshals on route, expect no food stops, but we will have something for you.
  • Sorry guys, no refunds, after 01/02/19
  • Categories: normal folk, single speed, fixed wheel, tandem (no one has done this on a tandem yet), fatbike.

2015 went very well... we won an award...​
2016 was a blast too.
2017 was even better
2018... the best yet, you can read about it at the Guardian website here

T&Cs Please read carefully before signing up:
By signing up to (paying for) this event you are accepting the terms and conditions stated below.
  • Stay cool, be nice, don’t hurt yourself or others.
  • If you don’t know what is around a corner, assume its a cliff and certain death. There are a lot of cliffs around here.
  • Cycling on public roads and highways carries risks and that you are aware of these risks.
  • All bicycles in your party will be ridden safely and responsibly at all times.
  • You will obey the law. Whilst using the public highway, all riders must observe the Highway Code. If cycling off road, please keep to public rights-of-way where cycling is permitted and exercise due care to all other users.
  • Cycling at night is more dangerous, all bikes will not be ridden at night unless lights are used.
  • A cycle helmet must be used at all times.
  • I understand that bicycling is a hazardous activity. I understand that the sport of bicycling and the use of this equipment involve a risk of injury to any and all parts of the user's body. I hereby agree to freely and expressly assume and accept any risks and all injury to the user of this equipment while bicycling. I understand that bicycle protective gear such as helmets and gloves are recommended, but they do not eliminate the risk and may not reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.
  • I agree that I will release the organisers from any and all responsibility of liability for injuries or damages or to any other person. I agree not to make a claim against or sue this organiser for injuries or damages relating to this event.
  • Sorry no refunds after the date specified earlier, its simply not possible as the costs don’t reduce.
  • Don’t be a dick.
    All riders do so entirely at their own risk.
    Bikemonger Ltd and their agents cannot accept any responsibility for a rider’s personal accident, loss, or damage to cycles, equipment and personal effects or any public liability.
    All riders are deemed to have accepted these conditions by entering the event.

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Ollie R - Brighton
Dorset Gravel Dash - one of the best (and most random) events I have ever done.

The Surreal Surly Dorset Gravel Dash with moments of pirate fun, bonfires, hillforts, longdrop bogs with a view, bikepacked cheese tasting contests, lightning, wild BBQ food, beards, live music, wildflower meadow camping, yard of ale challenges, jury-rigged singlespeed bodges, and random optional diversions resulting in comedy gorse bush crashing and slashed tyres in return for cheap lager!