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Surly Moloko Bar

Multi position handlebar

Surly Bridge Club 700c

All Road Touring Bike

Surly Bridge Club Forks

Replacement forks for for Surly Bridge Club

Surly Bridge Club Frameset

All surface tourer

Surly Cheater Bar

Super tough CroMoly steel handle bar

Surly Corner Bar

Dirt Drop bars compatible with flat bar controls

Surly Dirt Wizard 26" x  3.0"

Plus width fast rolling dirt tyre

Surly Dirt Wizard 29" x  3.0"

29+ Trail Thaumaturge 

Surly Disc Trucker - Black

The world's best tourer but with disc brakes.... and black

Surly Disc Trucker - Pea Lime Soup

The world's best tourer but with disc brakes

Surly Disc Trucker Frameset

Updated iteration of the classic touring frame

Surly Fat Bike Ultra Light Inner Tube

For 26" x 3.0"-4.7" tyres

Surly Ice Cream Truck 150 Fork

150x15 Thru Axle Fork

Surly Junk Strap

A really long toe strap, basically.

Surly Karate Monkey 27.5+" Suspension

Hardtail for all trails

Surly Karate Monkey Frameset

Multipurpose hardtail mountain bike frameset

Surly Knard 27.5" x 3.0"

27.5+ Tubeless ready version of the classic Surly Knard tyre

Surly Knard 29+ TLR 29 x 3.0"

29+ Tubeless ready version of the classic Surly Knard tyre

Surly Knard 700c 41mm

Quite possibly the perfect tyres for gravel bikes

Surly Krampus Frameset

A 29+ trail bike that can go over, off, or through just about anything in its path

Surly Make It Your Own Decal Kits

Alt decal sets for your Surly

Surly Midnight Special

Road Plus bike equally at home on tarmac and gravel

Surly Moloko Bar Bag

The perfect comapnion for your Moloko bars

Surly Mountain Frame Bag

Bags made by Revelate specifically for Surly frames

Surly MWOD 58 BCD Inner Chainring

For use with Mr Whirly cranks or super tough rings for any standard 58 BCD fitting

Surly Ogre

All season, all terrain commuter/tourer

Surly Open Bars

Swept bars for commuting or cruising

Surly Rear Disc Brake Adapter

For Surly Troll, Ogre, ECR and Pugsley (Gen 2)

Surly Rear Disc Rack

To fit bikes with seatstay mounted disc brake calipers