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Stooge Moto Bar

Stooge Moto Bar
Stooge Moto Bar
Stooge Moto Bar
Stooge Moto Bar
Stooge Moto Bar

Stooge Moto Bar

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Charlie says: These new bars make me feel like a street walking cheetah with a heart full of will find these on my Vassago Ti 29+... fan-bloody-tastic: wide for proper leverage, but sweeping for comfort. Damned light too. 

Prime stats... 800mm wide, 38mm rise, 17 degree sweep.

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I'm afraid that once a parcel goes over 60cm (and these bars are around 85cm in a  parcel) we can not send them via airmail, and have to use a courier. So, please choose the "bikes/frames/wheels/bars over 58cm" option on the postage at checkout.

Stooge say:   Introducing the Stooge 'Moto' bar! This has been a long time in the making and is quite frankly the best bar you can put on your Stooge, or any rigid trail shredder for that matter. They're a superwide riser bar, but unlike all other superwide risers, they feature a big sweep of 17 degrees and a style fully inspired by 70's California. Blurb aside, they work amazingly well on a number of levels - the riding position is really natural and comfortable and the added speed and control they add is great and quite pronounced. They work great as a singlespeed grinder bar, all that width equals torque aplenty, just keep an eye on the gaps between trees! They set up great with the extra long ESI grips chopped down a little so when you're on the long haul it's like riding a 710 bar, but when the trail turns fast that extra width really comes into its own. Oh, and they look cool too. Stooge, for me, has always been about making products that i want that don't already exist, and that's where these bars come in. I love em.
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SamH - Surrey
Great bars. Look crazy on the bike, but make sense when riding, especially single speed as can haul the thing up the hills. Great control, very comfy and turned a fat bike into a monster, inspiring confidence and control on the trails. If you want to feel like Steve McQueen in the Great Escape, get these.
Pat MonkeyBoy - Swanage
Fantastic bar, makes the Krampus into such a cool ride. The handling is now so RAD that I can tackle almost any terrain. But they are so wide, I can catch my knuckles on EVERY tree in Wareham forest!
Farmer Giles - North Yorkshire
A nice wide bar with rise and backsweep to give you a more upright riding position, rather than, head down backside up position. Great if you like admiring the views.
Richard Newell - Dorking
Without doubt the best shaped bar ever. Offers a good rise to counter the recent trend of short head tubes, with a large sweep but still 800mm wide. So comfy but still great for descending gnarr.