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Salsa Bend Bar Deluxe Handlebar


Salsa Bend Bar Deluxe Handlebar

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Bend Bar Deluxe Handlebar

For those seeking a different take on a traditional mountain bike handlebar, the Salsa Bend Bar is available with either a 17 or 23° sweep, offering a more natural hand position without affecting reach or requiring the need to change your stem length. The Bend Bar swoops forward, then sweeps back to create an angled perch that’s easy to hang on to. They’re tough, strong and durable, and great for long days bikepacking, touring, or shredding singletrack.

  • Constructed using double-butted, AL-7050-T76 aluminum
  • Bar sweeps forward, then back, to preserve stem length
  • 5° upsweep allows adjustment to suit personal preference
  • Bar can be flip-flopped to run up or down
  • Graduated ends for easy trimming
  • Bead-blast black finish
17 or 23 degree
710 or 740 width

OVERSEAS SHIPPING... Very sorry but due to the dimensions being over 60cm, or rather due to the stupid limitation of Parce Force, we have to send these via courier and this can costs the same as a sending a frame! 

In Europe you need to choose the "frames/forks/wheels/racks" option at checkout
Outside of Europe please email us and we can get a quote. For example New Zealand costs around £24.00
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Andy Stooge - Shropshire
These are my no. 1 go to bar. They combine a really nice sweep but still keep the flickability you need for skipping a rigid bike around the trail. Not as comfortable as a Jones (which comes a close 2nd), but if you're buying a Stooge (or any other rigid bike) you need to try this bar, it works beautifully, nuff said.
Charlie the bikemonger - Swanage uk
These are now on all the mountain bikes I ride. After trying the 17 degree, then the 23, I really struggle going back to normal bars, which is crappy because I have some very nice normal bars. I also love jones bars, and find that these make a great "semi jones"... Not as sweepy, not as loopy, not as expensive.

A wrist operation a year ago, and being an old ruined skater means that I can ride further and longer with sweep (the bar characteristic, not the kids TV puppet)... without compromising my radness. You can still throw the bike around... These certainly ain''t no hybrid shopping bars... Try ''em.
Pat Monkeyboy - Swanage
These bars have changed the way I ride. Feel the comfortable hand position. The additional width lets me ride the trails harder with greater stability. Jumps and ruts seem less intimidating and when climbing, instead of going down a gear, I get tempted to go up one and stand up as you can really pull on the bars for extra leverage. As they are wide I do have to watch narrow gaps now.
Thanks to Charlie and Dave for making me buy these!