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Charlie says...
Jones bikes are available from a couple of other dealers in the UK... you should support a good independent bike shop that sells Jones. If you are near a Jones dealer... buy it from them..

Bar set up is important. Watch this video, but also, you know we are a local bike shop, so feel free to come in or call us if you want any advice, or have any questions.”

Jeff says...

Why this bike?
It's a high performance non-suspension  bicycle... instead of designing the bike for XC-racing like so many unsuspended  bikes I wanted this bike to be better for technical and distance riding... Since  this bike is not designed around a suspension fork I'm able to do much more to  improve the handling. By designing the frame and fork together and  considering the larger wheels I'm able to make a bike that rides very  differently to a 'normal' rigid bike (be it 26 or 29er) with a short rake  fork.

My bike has a slacker seat-tube and a shorter top-tube  than 'normal' bikes... the head angle and rake with this wheel size (more rake,  slacker head-tube-angle and bigger wheel) determines the trail which helps  determine the handling. Slacker angles keep the rider's weight off the hands and  makes the front end easy to lift; the center of gravity is moved back and down  for more control, with less shock to the upper body, more traction under  braking, and a bike that is much harder to endo. This bike feels quick but also  has a laid back feel. It's the best handling bike I've designed.


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