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Bikemonger says… we are really pleased to be the UK distributor/importer for Gevenalle. Their products are real world products designed in mucky depths of dirty cyclocross. The simplicity and strength of the designs makes them ideal for cross, touring and anywhere where you don’t want your shifters to let you down.

Gevenalle say…
GEVENALLE is a word that we feel describes both the sport and our focus.  Gevenalle is made up from two Dutch words: ‘GEVEN’ which means ‘GIVE’ and ‘ALLE’ meaning ‘ALL,’  two things unmistakably given by those who line up at each wet winter race. We endeavor to provide the same qualaties back to the sport with our products, ideas and services. All Gevenalle products are built here in Portland from both Taiwan and locally made U.S. parts.
Founded in Portland, OR – home to the world’s largest cross series; we live in an astoundingly vibrant cycling community. Utilizing the skills and enthusiasm of many local racers with design, mechanical and manufacturing backgrounds we test and tune our products and ideas year round but mostly on the fall/winter weekends of cross season.  Portland is a very wet and grey place during cross season and as a result provides both the very best cross conditions and also most importantly an outlet for us living here to get through the wettest months. Cyclocross is not just a pastime it is a necessity.
Cyclocross is not road racing.  Until recently component manufacturers have ignored cross and we have done our best to make do with road parts.  This thankfully is now changing. Gevenalle products are designed specifically to give you an option for cross.  We focus on producing products that provide both advantage and affordability.  When you choose to utilize one of our products we are confident you will find that you can build up a lighter and more resilient ride that better meets your race requirements.  Our shifters are not beautiful but they are light, strong and fast.  Our cassettes don’t provide bragging rights in the quest for the most gears but rather reduce the number to provide more durable and reliable drivetrain for better results. People choose Gevenalle not because our parts are pretty but because they perform.