We know committing to a bike can be tough without trying it out first, so we have a pretty cool range of demo bikes - not your usual bunch of boring full sussers.

Please note that these are demonstration bikes and not generally for sale, But where they are for sale I have added a price. call if you want one.
Jeff Jones... single speed and rigid... flat out brilliant.

Surly Pugsley... The rather unique go anywhere mountainbike from Surly. He's actually a pretty handy singletrack bike, but shove his big fat nose into our local beaches (inc a nudist beach) and sand dune single track and be amazed at how much fun you have. He is a lot more fun than his chubby and fuggly looks suggest. Probably a bit like frollocking with Hattie Jacques (pronounced: Jakes), its wrong, but it would be a right giggle.
Salsa Fargo: this has now left, well its sort of here but is now a titanium version.: Awesome do everything drop bar touring 29er. A very nimble bike, totally capable of being a XC race MTB, yet it can happily be loaded up for offroad touring. Size large for 5'9" to 6'3". Not for sale.

Surly Big Dummy: haulage bike. These cost around £1800, so before you splash out on a bike that will save you thousands in fuel and parking, give ours a go. The handling is incredibly stable, I use mine to haul 11 foot surfboards, canoes, kids, dogs and even shopping. Two bikes, a medium and a large. Not for sale.
Surly Wednesday : a great bike, an unstoppable bike. Ours is blue with 45Nrth 4" tyres. Size Medium. FOR SALE at £1300


Surly Straggler: 56cm. Not for sale..


Surly Krampus: 29+ 3" tyres, in medium, and in large. Not for sale.


Salsa Warbird Titanium... Its a 58cm warbird, awesome bike, tubeless, Ultegra parts, stans wheels, salsa finishing kit, includiong a titanium seatpost. Not for sale.

Surly ECR.... 18" witha  Rohloff hub and Jones bars. Not For sale.

Surly Karate Monkey... Its dave's old monkey. Its pretty cool, and a 20" frame. Single speed.

Swobo Mutineer..... Large in Black and XL in Pink. Not For sale.