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Salsa Cowchipper

Flared drop bars with a 24° flare angle and 12° drop angle

Salsa Cowbell

Flared drop bars with a 12° flare angle and 12° drop angle

Salsa Cowbell Deluxe

Deluxe flared drop bars with a 12° flare angle and 12° drop angle

Salsa Woodchipper

Flared drop bars with a 25° flare angle and 38° drop angle

Happy Bottom Bum Butter

100% Natural Cycling Cream

Brooks C19 Cambium All-Weather

Wider version of the Cambium for commuting or city riding

Brooks C19 Cambium All-Weather Carved

Cut out Cambium for city riding

Brooks C15 Cambium All-Weather Carved

Just like the C15 but with a hole to 'eliminate contact point discomfort'

Brooks C15 Cambium All-Weather

Narrower version of the classic C17

Brooks C17 Cambium
Surly Singleator
Gusset Double Six Single Speed Conversion Kit 12t

Premium level single speed conversion kit

Surly Cassette Cog
Surly Track Cog
4Jeri Chain Tensioner

A copy of the classic Surly. A forgery... 4Jeri... Geddit?

Gusset 1-er Converter Kit 16t & 18t

Cost effective single speed conversion

Gusset Lofty Seatpost

450mm XXL seatpost

A2Z Single Speed Kit

In Shimano and Campagnolo flavours

Brooks B17 Special
Surly Tuggnut
White Industries Eno Cranks
From: £220.00
Brooks Proofide
From: £10.00
Surly Open Bars

Swept bars for commuting or cruising

Brooks Saddle Cover
From: £9.00
Surly ECR Fork
Surly Ogre Fork
Surly Mr Whirly Axle
From: £59.99
Surly 29+ Innertube
Surly PVC Rim Strips

29er & 26" rim strips for 50mm rims