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ESI Chunky Grips

Top notch silicone grips in a range of funky colours

ESI Chunky Grips  XXL

For when you need more width....

ESI Extra Chunky Grips

Extra Chunky for maximum shock absorbtion

ESI Extra Chunky Grips  XXL

Extra wide AND extra chunky

ESI Fit CR Contour Grips

Contoured version of the ESI silicone grip

ESI Racer's Edge Grips

ESI grips for smaller hands, weight weenies and thin grip fans.

Gusset DoubleSix SS Cog
KMC X10-93 10 Speed Chain

Good value, durable 10 speed chain

KMC X11-93 11 Speed Chain

Durable high performance 11 speed chain

KMC X8  8 Speed Chain

Workhorse 8 speed chain with some advanced features

KMC X8 EPT 8 Speed Chain

8 speed chain with anti-rust treatment

Miche Performance 57mm Drop Brake Calliper Set

Excellent value for money and a particularly good choice for cost conscious audax and winter bike builds.

Restrap Diagonal Pedal Straps

Handmade in Yorkshire from recycled seatbelts

Restrap Horizontal Pedal Straps

Haven't got the holes needed to fit diagonal straps?

Schwalbe Inner Tube SV19 27.5" / 29" (Presta)

Our tube of choice

Schwalbe Inner Tube SV19a Extra Light 27.5" / 29"(Presta)

Extra light version of our favourite tubes

Surly Knard 700c 41mm

Quite possibly the perfect tyres for gravel bikes

Teravail Coronado 27.5"

Fast rolling and versatile 27.5+ tyre