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Chris King Coffee Beans

Chris King Coffee Beans

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Charlie says... Let's just break this down quickly... Just so you know, the Camino Cielo doesn't give you the shakes (welders never want the shakes), and the Machinist Brew is a recreational narcotic that will see you through the day, and then the night, and then a little more of the next morning, and then you crash... Any questions?

The CHRIS KING Buzz! from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

Chris King says... They say that coffee catalyzed the Renaissance, that this brown elixir was integral in drawing Europe out of the dark ages. For this alone we are forever in coffee's debt. Have you been blessed with a Monday morning Renaissance? Have you experienced an after-ride revival thanks in part to a quick espresso? Coffee has long been a crucial part of our lifestyle; from work to play, all day mountain bike rides and early morning interval training, conference calls and slow weekends, coffee is our constant companion.
Being such huge fans of the stuff it only made sense to work with one of our favorite roasters, Nossa Familia, to develop a couple of blends specially honed to our taste. After a half dozen meetings, a handful of cuppings, and some very enthusiastic conversations we are ready to introduce the newest version of our Machinist Brew Coffee and Camino CieloEspresso.
As of mid-December 2012 we are happy to announce that we will be using NossaFamilia beans in both our Machinists Brew and our Camino Cielo Espresso.
Our new Camino Cielo Espresso is a combination of 1/3rd Sao Francisco beans roasted to draw out rich notes of baking spices, sweetness, and chocolate. This component helps establish the backbone of Camino Cielo’s body and rich depth of flavor. The other 2/3rds are drawn from Fazenda Cachoeira Da Grama beans roasted to preserve hints of the floral and fruit tones. This drastically reduces their intensity and adds a very slight acidity that produces a clean aftertaste, while adding a measure of sweetness.
Our Machinist Brew is comprised of FazendaCachoeira Da Grama beans split 50/50 between anaturally roasted and a pulp-roasted process eachchosen to draw distinct characteristics from the beans. Natural roasting uncovers the beans robust body and deep spices while the pulp roasting process highlights their sweetness and clarity. Combined they create a deliciously drinkable coffee.

To learn more about Nossa Familia please check out their website,

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