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Gusset Bling Slink Half Link Chain

"Flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth or status"

Gusset Slink Half Link  Chain

Get your chain length just right

KMC HL1 Half Link Chain

Get your chain length just right

KMC Snap Link

Snap link for 3/32" or 1/8" single speed chains

KMC X10 10 Speed Chain Grey

Good value, durable 10 speed chain

KMC X11 Grey  11 Speed Chain 118L

Durable high performance 11 speed chain

KMC X8  8 Speed Chain

Workhorse 8 speed chain with some advanced features

KMC X9 9 speed chain

Tough durable chain for all 9 speed transmissions

KMC Z1  3/32" Single Speed Chain

Budget (but still good) single speed 3/32" chain

KMC Z1 1/8" Track Chain

For the fixie fiends

KMC Z1 EPT 3/32" Single Speed Chain

Single speed specific 3/32" chain

KMC Z8.3

Nice chain for when you have fewer than 9 cogs

Wipperman Connex 108

Classic German made track chain

Wipperman Connex 10S0

Fast and precise shifting at a reasonable price

Wipperman Connex 10S8

Nickel plated corrosion resistance

Wipperman Connex 10SG

Goldie Lookin' Chain

Wipperman Connex 808

Workhorse 8 speed chain

Wipperman Connex 908

Nickel plated 9 speed chain