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Cane Creek Thudbuster LT

Cane Creek Thudbuster LT

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Charlie says... I am a massive fan of these and use them on almost any bike for longer rides. You see you can't get out of the saddle for every bump when you are tied, it's dark... and hell Iceland was just day after day of constant bumps. This takes the sting out, weighs almost nowt more than a regular post, and really delivers. Check out teh £"thud glove" to keep the dust and mud off your lovely new post.

Canecreek say...

A patented design that is by far the most efficient suspension upgrade for hardtails. The parallel-link design responds to all bumps with none of the friction common to all telescoping style seatposts.

  • 3' of travel, back and down, means there is no pedal-activated bob or compromise on saddle height.
  • At 540-570g the relatively low weight is less than 200g more than a standard rigid seatpost.
  • Twin elastomers can be changed to tune performance to weight/riding style.
  • 400mm Length (XL is 450mm)
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