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Charlie says... Black Friday Sucks... don't buy anything. You don't need it. Step away from the computer and go for a walk, have a beer, ride a bike, make a curry.... whatever, just dont particiate in this Black Friday crap.

I'm kinda bored today, and hungry, so me and Olive the Dog are going down the beach and then for a pint.

And you know what... read this, my ramblings about big online bike shops from around 5 years ago..


"Do you remember that local butcher; nice old guy, great service, always helpful, awesome bacon that went wonderfully crispy in the pan? Yeah, the one that closed down. You know how you get adequate quality meat now, but often snotty wet bacon from the supermarket, yeah the stuff that is butchered, pumped full of water and pre-packed in a factory a thousand miles away. You know where I’m going with this, you already know where the sales growth will come from. The Great British High Street will have one more vacant shop, and one less local employer as even more bike shops close.

Want a job in the bike trade? Well you won’t find me earning a wage by putting carbon in boxes in a massive facility in Ireland. But if your child wants a career in the bike trade, they will be working in a cubicle, call centre, or packing plant."