Bikemonger was founded by legendary cyclist, skater and surfer Charlie Hobbs back in the mists of the start of the new millennium. Riding the wave of single speed mountain biking it grew from selling hard-to-find parts from a spare bedroom to a shop in the seaside paradise of Swanage to a bigger shop in.. er...Swanage, and eventually to worldwide recognition as a leading purveyor of the finest and weirdest bikes, parts, and chaos in the free world.


Olive The Dog and Charlie "keeping" the shop. 

Yet it’s the way the world that all things come to an end. In 2019 Charlie stepped down (or at least sideways) from his Bikemonger overlordship. He still organises (in the loosest sense) the Dorset Gravel Dash and other fine events and can still be found hawking the ‘World’s Leading Sports Arse Cream’ wherever the arses gather.

So we – Sam and Theo – are the new Bikemongers doing our best to fill those size 12 shoes. We’ve relocated the high street shop to Ripon in God’s own cycling country of North Yorkshire. The webshop will continue with it’s mission to bring you the bikes, parts, accessories and craziness you didn’t even know you needed. A new chapter begins…..

As of post-lock down 2021, our five intrepid members of staff - Sam, Theo, Rose, Jane, and Ben - are propping the place up with plenty of determination and (mostly) good cheer, so do head down to the shop for bits, advice, or a plain old natter.

P.S. If you’re reading this in 2025 and we’ve forgotten to update it, do let us know. Something’s bound to have changed by then.