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45NRTH Greazy Cycling Cap
45NRTH Baklava Balaclava

Winter cycling balaclava with face protection

45NRTH Nokken Glove
45NRTH Ragnarok Winter Cycling Shoe

Warm feet in the cold and wet

45NRTH Sturmfist 5 Gloves

The Daily Mail and the Express are predicting the worst winter in years. I am going to call this..


With so many credible papers predicting the best fat bike winter ever, can you risk not buying your fat bike and 45NRTH boots right now before the world runs out!

Don't be left behind, stuck in the snow, freezing and stranded, with the wild beasts of England gnawing your face off.

It's a freezing jungle out there and you need to think about where your bike and boots puts you in the food chain.

The UK Dealers:
You can get all of the 45NRTH products from these righteous and cool bike shops...
• The South: Charlie The Bikemonger, 01929 475 833
• Yorkshire: Wayne at EDS Bikes, 01723 850598
• Scotland: Dave at Bothy Bikes, 01479 810111
• Manchester: Shona and Richard at Keep Pedalling, 0161 222 6015
• Lake District: Kevin and Calvin at Ghyllside Cycles, 01539 433592